Mobile Car detailing – Sealants Or Waxs?

Mobile Car detailing – Sealants Or Waxs?

Sealants Vs. Wax

We get asked over and over again what is the difference between a sealant and a wax. Ultimately, they both help to protect the paint on your vehicle, but that is just the easy answer to this question. However, it isn’t that simple. Making the choice between sealant and wax comes down to climate, lifestyle, and personal preference. To truly understand what is best for your vehicle and you, we will be providing you with a rundown to give you a better understanding of both of these kinds of products.


Various products that are labeled as “wax” may vary significantly from combination polish waxes to man-made polymers, all the way up to Carnauba wax, which is the holy grail when it comes to natural waxes. Although the science of wax has developed over many years, enthusiasts, collectors, and detailers all agree that the wax that they prefer to use on their cars is natural Carnauba wax. Carnauba is derived from the Tree of Life palm in Brazil and the results that it provides may be characterized as bringing a finish to life. Wax sits on top of the paint and creates a liquid wet finish and deeper hues to give the paint a breathable and natural protection from environmental contaminants, oxidation, moisture, heat, and UV rays.

You may think the combination polish wax sound like another great choice and can help to eliminate one of the steps in protecting and polishing your finish. However, those products have a tendency to offer a compromise. With this type of product, the wax works as a lubricant but doesn’t enable the polish to be nearly as effective. Also, the grit in the polish doesn’t enable the wax to really coat. That is why we recommend that you properly wash and polish your car in order to remove any surface contaminants prior to taking any protective measures. As we will be discussing below, whenever you choose to use wax, you are selecting an option that might require more time.

Lifestyle comes into play in the sealant versus wax debate when we are discussing longevity. Some people really cherish the time that they spend with their cars, applying wax and buffing it up to a brilliant luster. On the other hand, other people would prefer living in the fast lane and simply drive. Wax is best suited for a slower paced life, for traditionalists who love how wax looks and are willing to invest the time every 6 to 8 weeks. A wax job’s durability will depend on things such as the climate and where a vehicle is stored. A car that is stored inside of a climate controlled garage helps to extend the life of its finish. On the other hand, a daily commute in a humid and hot climate most likely will mean that the finish has a shorter life span, which will require applications to occur more frequently to maintain your vehicle’s protective wax finish effectively.


Sealants have emerged as the favorite of professional details due to its hard as glass finish, longevity, and ease of use. We like comparing it to the difference between high definition televisions and standard definition ones. Sealants are the HD option. Paint sealants do not have anything natural about them since they are man-made wonders of technology and science that draw the beauty of the paint out and protect it against anything nature tries to throw at it. A sealant, unlike wax which lays on top of the surface, adheres to the surface which creates a protective shell that can last 6 months or even longer.

Those who love wax will tell that the appearance of sealants doesn’t provide the same richness, however, we love the sealant’s glass-like finish; it is a personal preference. So if you would like protection and speed then this could be the best route for you to take. When it comes to detailing, the closest thing that you can get to instant gratification is sealants. The liquid application may be done easily by hand using a polisher or microfiber cloth. Applying sealant requires fewer applications to give your vehicle year-round protection.

Are you searching for the best of both of these worlds?

If you really love a waxed finish’s deep rich color but don’t have enough time to reapply it every few weeks, then you can double down instead. If you apply a Caraunaba wax on top of a sealant it will provide you with the protection and longevity of the sealant along with Caraunaba wax’s rich deep color. You have enjoyed the best of both of these worlds without having to risk the finish of your vehicle getting damage when you don’t have a lot of time.

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