Mobile Car Detailers With Tips For Keeping A High Trade-In Value

Mobile Car Detailers With Tips For Keeping A High Trade-In Value

Tips On Keeping Vehicle Trade-In Value High

Getting a new car is always a fun experience. Perhaps the main downside, however, is the rapid manner in which new cars begin to depreciate. The fact is that even highly desired models drop roughly 10 percent in value the moment they are driven off of the dealer’s lot and lose another 10 percent of value after the initial year of use. The first four years of a car’s life can see a decline in value of about 60 percent, with less desirable vehicles dropping even further.

Of course, this data can vary under different sets of circumstances, but the good news is that there are steps that may be taken to keep the trade-in value of a car as high as possible. The following ideas can help significantly.


Having the car cleaned with professional grade cleaning solvents is great, but this is not all that can be done. Techniques used by professional car detailers can make all the difference in keeping the resale value high. Thorough cleaning on a regular basis can stave off the emergence of rust, paint fading, and other key problems.

Proper Maintenance

Dealers will want to be able to show used car shoppers that they car they are considering has been well cared for and has lots of life remaining. Smart consumers request maintenance records when contemplating a used car purchase. Stick with the maintenance recommendations provided by the manufacturer and hold onto all records of service performed. Do-it-yourself vehicle maintenance is not going to help the resale value of the car, so spend a little extra to obtain professional assistance. Address scratches quickly so that further damage does not develop.

Keeping Interiors Spotless

Resale values are certain to plummet if a car has carried smokers or exhibits a great deal of staining. Fewer than 1 in 5 Americans still smoke, making it unlikely that a used car purchaser will enjoy a lingering aroma of cigarettes. Whenever a spill does occur inside the vehicle, make sure it is taken care of immediately.

Condition Inside Does Matter

Sun damage can take a toll on resale value, especially when vinyl and plastic surfaces suffer damage. Try to keep the car garaged whenever possible and use window tints, screens and other forms of shade when you can. Detailing products that contain protectants can also go a long way toward keeping interior condition high.

Excess Miles

Cars with high odometer readings will always bring less at trade-in time. Therefore, keep miles as low as possible by using carpools, renting vehicles for long trips, using public transportation on occasion and doing many errands all at once. Mileage is such a key factor in resale value, that any steps that can be taken will pay dividends.

Custom Features

While it may be tempting to get some aftermarket details or custom paint for your ride, it is worth noting that these modifications can reduce resale value substantially. Try to stick with original equipment to get the most money on the back end.

Mechanical Condition

Prior to visiting the dealer to make a trade, have the car looked at by a trustworthy mechanic. Dealers will take a listen to the vehicle’s running sounds, and it is best to have any pinging or knocking eliminated in advance. Making a small repair in advance can produce real financial returns at trade-in time.

Dealers will make their judgment about the value of a car by placing it into a specific category such as super clean, clean, average or like-new. Getting the best deal at trade-in will depend on the car’s mileage, cleanliness, exterior appearance, and provable maintenance. Should a dealer doubt that a profit can be made from a trade-in car, it is possible that an offer might not even be extended. When this happens, it will be necessary to sell the car privately, which is a major hassle in and of itself.

At Total Car Detailing we are committed to keeping your car clean and cared for. Call us now for your detailing needs or contact us to schedule a detailing time that works best for you. Don’t forget to peek at our blog for more helpful tips on automotive detailing and auto maintenance.

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