Car Detailers Tell-All; Does Black Or White Stay Clean Longer?

Car Detailers Tell-All; Does Black Or White Stay Clean Longer?

Black Or White: Which Car Color Will Get Dirtier Faster?

Passionate car owners love having their ride clean and polished, but there are those that just don’t seem to give a flip about how their vehicle looks on the outside until some joker comes along and finger-writes WASH ME on the side or hood. That’s not most people though, so you’re not likely to ever find that written on your windshield. Some car owners are so rigid that they clean and wax their ride every single weekend. You’re most likely in the middle, as you probably only do it about once a month. If so, you’re like the average car owner.

It’s because of things like this that the color of a car is an essential factor when you buy a vehicle. Specific colors might appeal to you more than others, and each has its own aesthetics. Over time, though, the feelings your car gives you will fade away, and your ride is going to get dirty. If you’re like most other drivers, you want to keep the thrill and excitement that comes with the clean, shiny, polished look like you remember seeing in the showroom. This is when it occurs to you that only hard work is going to keep your car clean.

A Matter Of Black And White

Keeping a car clean has led to an ongoing debate about whether black or white is the better color choice for a car. Trends in picking car colors suggest that white is the most popular, followed by silver and then black. On the other hand, trends are sometimes misleading. So, what color is best for your next ride: black or white? White is obviously the most commonly used car color in the modern market. Many drivers believe that it will show off dirt faster, though, since it is white. The thing is, that’s not true. Black vehicles are actually the hardest ones to keep pristine. Cleanliness is an issue for any dark-shaded vehicle. Any speck of small dirt anywhere on the vehicle is going to show. Rainstorms also leave ugly marks, just as bad is if a car drove through murky water.

Black vehicles are also magnets for dust, pollen, and bird droppings. There’s also the matter of overheating. If you’d ever had the chance to meet Albert Einstein, he would have told you that black bodies wind up absorbing heat faster as compared to white ones. In short, when temperatures are high, a black vehicle is going to wind up getting ugly faster than a white one.

Although white cars don’t dirty up as fast as black models, they’re still not the best. They tend to get quite dirty if you live anywhere with volcanic soils or red clay. The same holds true if you frequently cruise down dirt roads.

And The Winner Is

White’s the obvious winner for car colors between itself and black, but that doesn’t mean it’s your best option. Other colors are actually easier to maintain than either one. These include taupe, champagne, tan, and light brown. Silver and gray colors also look good, even if dirty. Colors which are easier to keep clean can save you time, money, and maintenance over time.

We’re never that concerned with how many cars we detail every week or month. To be honest, our only concern is satisfying your customers. We know that our business will only thrive if we earn the loyalty of our customers. Given that, we’re always striving to give the area’s best detailing and service. We aim to be heads and shoulders above our competition, leaving our customers stunned with the end result when they come to us.

At Total Car Detailing we are committed to keeping your car clean and cared for. Call us now for your detailing needs or contact us to schedule a detailing time that works best for you. Don’t forget to peek at our blog for more helpful tips on automotive detailing and auto maintenance.

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