Are Automatic Car Washes Safer Than Car Detailers?

Are Automatic Car Washes Safer Than Car Detailers?

Important Reasons To Avoid Automatic Car Washes

In recent years, automatic car washes have become increasingly popular thanks to the fact that they are fast and easy to use. Even though they are convenient, however, they may not be the best option when it comes to washing your car. There are a number of downsides associated with using automatic car washes including the following:

They Reuse Water

From an environmental perspective, automatic car washes reduce water usage by reusing the same water to wash multiple vehicles. Although the water is purified before being reused, there is a chance that it still could contain pieces of dirt and other types of gritty materials. Unfortunately, these contaminants can cause small scratches in the surface of the paint on your vehicle during the washing process.

The Cleaning Agents Are Sometimes Acidic

In an effort to save money, most automatic car washes use inexpensive cleaning agents. Oftentimes, these cleaners are acidic in nature. This is particularly true when using car washes with touchless designs. Even though they may do a good job of getting your car clean, the acidic nature of the cleaners can harm the finish on your car over time.

The Brushes May Cause Scratches In Your Paint Finish

If you visit an automatic car wash that uses brushes, the bristles from the brushes could wind up causing tiny scratches in the paint finish on your vehicle. If you examine your car closely after washing it, you may even be able to see light swirl patterns of scratches in the finish, which can keep your car from looking as shiny as it should.

Dirt Is Often Left Behind

Automatic car washes aren’t able to detect particularly dirty areas on your vehicle that require extra attention. As a result, they may wind up leaving traces of dirt behind. This is especially true with touchless car washes.

There Is A High Likelihood Of Streaking

Even though most automatic car washes are equipped with dryers, they typically don’t dry the car out completely. When you leave the car wash, any remaining water can cause streaks on the surface of your vehicle. Unfortunately, these streaks usually need to be polished away at a later time.

Hand Drying Can Also Be Problematic

The majority of automatic car washes rely on automated drying systems. In some cases, however, they employ attendants who dry your vehicle by hand. As long as the hand drying process is done correctly, it is generally preferable to automated drying options. Unfortunately, there are still things that can go wrong with it. For instance, if the same towels are reused on more than one vehicle, they can get dirty, which can cause them to leave behind scratches in your paint.

Keeping the finish on your car in like-new condition will help your vehicle retain its value. Even though automatic car washes are a convenient option, they can damage your car over time.

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