Using A Foam Cannon For Automotive Detailing

Using A Foam Cannon For Automotive Detailing

Learn About Using a Foam Gun or Foam Cannon

When the sun comes out, it’s time to bring the guns out…well, foam guns anyway. If you’re using just a hose and bucket, you’ll likely never whip up that rich, thick foam you get to enjoy in an automated car wash. Don’t worry, that’s likely the one and only time we’ll ever say anything nice about a gas station car wash. However, if you add a foam gun to the mix, you, too, can enjoy rich, thick foam. Using a foam gun will also let you use less water, and your rich, thick foam is going to adhere to the surfaces of your vehicle, as it starts breaking down contaminants immediately. You can either use your foam gun for a presoak or even as the main wash. Both of them can help you avoid micro-abrasion since it will both lift up surface dirt as well as lubricate your wash mitt.

You have two different options for foaming, which are contingent upon what equipment you have and your preference. Foam guns can typically be attached to any conventional garden hose, and a quick connection lets you move fast from your foaming into a fireman-type nozzle to do your rinsing; foam cannons, as implied by the name, need more water pressure because they’re the more heavy-duty version. Both of them can create a thick and lasting foam all across your vehicle. Some people in this industry will loosely use the terms of ‘foam gun’ and ‘foam cannon’ quite interchangeably. However, if you put it in television terms, a foam gun is HD, and a foam cannon is Ultra High Def.

If your car is dirtier than usual, you might want to go for the pre-soak before cleaning it with the two-bucket method.

The first thing that you should do is to put the car shampoo in your reservoir before filling with water. The soap is going to sink, so feel free to shake it up good after you attach your gun or cannon. Start with the roof of the vehicle, and then work your way around and down the vehicle. Overlapping is okay because it ensures that you get total coverage. The foam is going to start working instantly in loosening up any dirt that might be on the surfaces. By this time, you should have a nice, thick foam lifting dirt away and giving your wash mitt plenty of lubrication. The two-bucket method involves using one for rinsing, and another for washing; do this to ready your mitt and then wash your vehicle. Follow this up with a rinse either from the pressure washer or your fire-hose nozzle, before you start with any of the other detail work you have planned out.

Foam and rinse if you want a quick wash on a well-maintained vehicle.

Just fill your reservoir with water and soap, and then foam your vehicle from the top down to the bottom, using overlapping techniques to be sure the coverage is total. Let the soap do its working magic for around 5 minutes before rinsing off with the fire-hose nozzle or power washer. Then, dry the vehicle completely in order to prevent any water spots.

For the most part, foam guns and cannons can save you work, water, and time. Get one today.

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