Car Detailers Tell You How To Clean The Carpet P2

Car Detailers Tell You How To Clean The Carpet P2

Two Ways Of Cleaning Interior Car Carpets From Home Part 2

Second Method: Steamer, Carpet Attachment, and Griot’s Garage Polisher

Also, this is a completely different car. I sped it up 4x to not bore you and keep you waiting for too long.

Here I am using the polisher and steamer with the carpet attachments. To break the main stains up I use my steamer. Then I used the cleaner to saturate the area and agitate the carpets using a 6-inch Griot’s Garage polisher and carpet brush attachment.

This is of course for the professionals, more advanced detailers, or those who simply want to get very serious with the detailing on their own personal vehicles. I am using the McCulloch 1385 steamer now to agitate the mats further.

It can make a big difference between using a 6-inch Griot’s Garage polisher and carpet attachment and an upholstery brush that I used in the previous method. It is much easier to have a machine do the work for you.

You won’t get as easily fatigued since you aren’t putting as much down pressure in. Instead, the machines do all of the work you and all you have to put down is around one to two pounds worth of down pressure and it will take care of anything else.

Especially when you have a steamer and being able to break heavier stains up. It definitely will help you a great deal.

However, if you are on a tight budget, or just getting started, if you would like to get the same results that I am achieving here with using the earlier method I showed to you, it will just take you a little more effort and time.

You will get somewhat more tired since you will be doing the agitating by hand. That means you will get somewhat more fatigued, but you will be able to achieve the same results that I am getting.

Of course, the amount of time that I am taking to achieve the results that somebody else gets using only an upholstery brush has been decreased significantly. However, when I was first getting started and cleaning vehicles, I used cleaner with an upholstery brush to clean the whole interiors and achieved the results and my customers really liked the results so there isn’t any reason why you cannot do the same thing with only a solution and brush, along with an all-purpose cleaner to do the job.

You Can Use The Same System If It Is Fabric

The same method can be used with all types of fabric cleaning, I spray the APC, I then agitate with the brush and a polisher that has a carpet attachment in this instance.

I then follow up using the steam cleaner, and use a towel to mop it up and repeat this process throughout all of the fabric, the seats, or whatever else I am cleaning, and that will be around the same process each time I am cleaning the interior of a vehicle.

I am cleaning floor mats here, but once again, if it is door panels, it is fabric, if there is a fabric material, I will follow the same process in order to achieve the same results.

You can tell on your own that this process gives you great results. But if all you have is some kind of interior cleaner or all-purpose cleaner and a brush, then it will take you a little longer to complete, and you will get somewhat more tired, but you will still be able to achieve the result you are searching for.

Here is a quick tip for when you are finished cleaning any type of fabric, and that is to ensure that you push all of the fibers down in the same direction.

That helps things look much better. Rather than having some of the fibers going in one direction, and other fibers going a different way, if they are all uniform and pushing down in the same way, to the same side, that will definitely make your carpet appear cleaner since all of the fibers will be going in the same direction and it will provide you with a better overall appearance as can be seen here.

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